18 April 2014


shirt Dion Lee, bralette Triangl

Sometimes in life you get bored with your daily regime and unfortunately I have reached this stage. This is why I have to keep myself on my toes by infusing a bit of spontaneity in my life, hence my latest experiment. My hair has never been this long before so I wanted to have a bit of fun before I did my bi-yearly chop. I'm sure I'll get over the colour maintenance soon and that's probably when the chop will happen. Weeks? Months? Even I don't know. I'm trying to be more spontaneous after all.
Hooray for the Easter holidays though! Religion is good for something after all. Speaking of spontaneity, I have planned a mini trip to Melbourne to see some really close friends after Easter Monday. Looking very forward to shopping (H&M and Uniqlo!) and catching up on all the city has to offer as I haven't visited properly in years.

I hope everyone has a lovely break too :)

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17 April 2014

instagram update.

Since I'm super busy, sometimes it's so much quicker for me to give you all an update on what I'm doing via Instagram rather than on this blog; hence why I thought I'd do a blog post for you which shared a few of my Instagram posts as of late :)  

L// skirt ASOS, bag Alexander Wang, top stolen from my sister's closet hehe
R// bag Forever New - which will be my laptop bag when I go to Europe!
L// using some hair chalk which coincidentally matched my lipstick that night
R// nothing like the smell of fresh leather from my new Ballettonet Flats
L// because it's getting chilly - sweater Acne
R// top Missguided, necklace La Moda, shorts Dion Lee L// some beauty essentials - Dermalogica smoothing cream, Toni&Guy dry shampoo (best one in market trust me), Chanel makeup brushes and nailpolish, cuff from La Moda, lipstick from Missguided
R// work #ootd - top Zimmermann, jeans Acne, shoes Ballettonet, bag Alexander Wang


I'm flying to Melbourne very soon for a brief Easter holiday so stay tuned for more posts x 

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13 April 2014


shirt via August Street, leather shorts Dion Lee (similar here, here, here & here)

I've had this shirt for a while but it hasn't been cool enough to wear it. Now that Autumn has arrived I guess it is bittersweet (as I'm a lover of summer). That means it was also time to invest in a pair of leather shorts and the Brisbane Dion Lee sale was the perfect time to do so. I love these shorts to death. Buttery soft with the perfect amount of sporty detail whilst still maintaining a classic look.

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