19 April 2015

staple style challenge.

dress via Staple the Label

Here is my entry to Staple the Label's style challenge (also hosted by QT Gold Coast, The Minimalist & Naked Vice).
These were taken at the Gold Coast, which is still ignoring the fact that it's Autumn as it was a beautiful, sunny day. I am a huge chicken when it comes to swimming in cold water, so a romantic stroll along the sand and rock pools with boyfie was much more preferred. There's something satisfying having your maxi dress flutter in the wind whilst doing so.

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13 April 2015


pictured: Stella Mccartney adipure sneakers via Shopbop
The complex I currently live in has a free gym so you can't blame me for needing a little motivation with these sneakers ;) Hehe. I try and go at least three times a week. I play sport twice a week as well so that is my secret I guess. It's always a rotation between netball, european handball and touch football- depending what is currently in-season. Nothing like some competitive sport to release some tension after a hard day in the office... ;)

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09 April 2015


top Marcs, sunglasses Le Specs, necklace Cue, shorts Dion Lee

I bought this shirt from Marcs a while ago during the end of season sales, it's just taken me this long to post about it. I've had multiple compliments on its striking shade of blue, plus it feels so luxurious on the skin. I highly recommend a Marcs button up on sale to replace those hideously expensive Equipment ones. They are exactly the same, plus you can rolls the sleeves up!

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