27 April 2016


Kesenangan means "fun" in Indonesian. When we booked our trip to Bali we had absolutely no plans, but we both didn't want to sit on our asses for 10 days, so we agreed to do a few tours and activities. Today is our last one- ATV riding through the rice paddy fields^^
We have already done: Tree Top Climbing (high ropes), visited temples with tea & cocao tasting, spent a day on a floating pontoon in the middle of the Indian Ocean/Java Sea (complete with parasailing, banana-boat riding, snorkelling and semi-sub viewing) and went White Water rafting down Bali's longest river, the Ayung River.
My favourite would have to be the high ropes course. It's just like when you were on school camp, but multiply it by 10000 cool points. Imagine being 20m above the ground treading only on dangling stirrups. Not as easy as it looks from the ground! The flying foxes were so awesome too. One was around 100m long! I'll have to find some photos...
The last half of the trip will be more relaxing and leisurely exploring of our own accord, although we do want to still visit Uluwatu and Ubud to do some touring and get some surf lessons! Everyone is so lovely here and you can tell they are so proud of their country. I couldn't recommend Double Six enough where we are staying. They truly bend over backwards for you and are so efficient!

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21 April 2016


Hey lovers! Just landed safely in Bali. No better way to start the trip than with a free room upgrade. We are blown away by the decadence and luxury of Double Six so far. So excited to explore what the country has to offer. Will try and post as much as I can :) 

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17 April 2016

challenge the norm.

pictured: Modere protein bar, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel & cleanser

Oookay... I've got a confession. I am truly hooked on Modere's products.  

In my opinion there was a gap in the market in terms of an ethical, high quality, yet affordable and effective brand. Usually I am super skeptical of anything which claims to be "environmentally friendly" because it doesn't usually work. Using a few of Modere's products has affirmed this wasn't the case.

For those who are really health conscious and hit the gym, their protein bar is delicious and the macros are good at 15g Protein, 2.2g Carbs, 4.7g Fat, 8g Fibre.

And using the shampoo.. my hair has honestly never felt cleaner. My hair naturally gets quite oily and I'll need to wash it every day, but I was able to leave my hair unwashed for 3 whole days and it still looked un-oily and clean (with a bit of help from dry shampoo)! That is a life first for me!

I challenge YOU to substitute one of your supermarket everyday products with Modere and feel the difference. There are over 200+ everyday essential products to choose from like dishwashing liquid, mouth rinse, energy shots (a healthy substitute to Coffee), sunscreen and moisturisers.

Finally a brand that is environmentally sustainable, animal friendly, uses 100% safe ingredients, fully recyclable, high quality, effective and affordable. Consider me converted :)

Get $10 off your first order when you use the promo code "134695"

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